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Megawati Unloads on President Jokowi

In an August 4 address to members of her political party, PDI-P, former President Megawati Soekarnoputri called the government’s response to the COVID pandemic “chaotic” and urged President Jokowi to take personal control. As quoted in Reformasi Weekly Megawati said:” I want to ask Jokowi-who should be in command? A pandemic task-force exists, as it should, but what I see in the field is that everything can be described as chaotic”. Since the President comes from the party chaired by Megawati her remarks appear calculated to position the party in the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Here she may decide to run again or designate her daughter, Puan Maharani. Already the party is featuring her image prominently in banners and billboards around the country accompanied by inspirational messaging on national unity and defeating the pandemic. Ganjar Pranowo, a PDI-P cadre and governor of Central Java, is polling second to Prabowo Subianto in Presidential surveys but Megawati clearly sees him as a rival to her daughter. Analysts continue to note Megawati’s relationship with Prabowo, dating back to 2004 when he ran unsuccessfully as her Vice President, and some predict a Puan-Prabowo ticket. PDI-P as a party clearly has a conundrum to solve. (various sources including Reformasi Weekly