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Third Term for Jokowi ?

Its far fetched given the two term constitutional term limits but some supporters of President Jokowi are pushing for changes that would enable him to run a third time. Many volunteers who helped Jokowi win his second election in 2019 have formed the National Secretariat for Jokowi-Prabowo, not only supporting the idea of Jokowi running for a third term in office but even going so far as to pair him with his Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, whom he defeated in both the 2014 and 2019 races, as a running mate. The President has distanced himself from this group but has not exactly opposed it either. To achieve this result would require amending the Constitution during a special session of the MPR (People’s Consultative Assembly) and then gaining the support of one or more parties to put his name on the ballot. Even if the MPR would take up the amendment the ensuing battle would last so long that it would be highly unlikely any changes could be implemented in 2024, the date of the next national elections. (Jakarta Post)