Ghosts Haunt Warehouse

Security personnel assigned to guard election material in Boyolali, Central Java, claimed that interference from ghostly beings was making their jobs scary. “Every night, we hear sounds of furniture being moved as well as people crying and laughing in the warehouse,” Boyolali Police officer Second Brig. Wahyu Setiawan said on Sunday. The suspicious sounds, he added, also came from outside the warehouse, which was built on a plot of land that used to be a public cemetery, as stated by local residents.

One of the scariest moments occurred on Thursday when guards heard the sound of children playing and laughing. When security personnel checked on the source of the sound near the toilets, it suddenly stopped. “It scares us, especially if we’re here guarding alone. Such sounds prompt guards to go to the toilet together,” said Tri Darmadi, a security guard assigned by the Boyolali Elections Commission. The ghostly experiences, however, do not stop them from guarding, among others, 1,645 ballot boxes. (Tempo)

Indonesian Folk Tale: “Shallot and Garlic”

Bawang Merah(shallot onion) and Bawang Putih (garlic) are half-sisters who are polar opposites of each other. Bawang Merah is a lazy, greedy girl spoiled by their

mother while Bawang Putih is obedient, diligent and does all the chores without complaint. One laundry day in the river, Bawang Putih loses a scarf, which is picked up by an old woman. The old woman says she will return the scarf if Bawang Putih cooks and cleans for her. Bawang Putih does as she’s told, gets the scarf back and the old woman as a gift tells her to bring home one of her two pumpkins, a small or a large one.

Bawang Putih chooses the smaller pumpkin. When she breaks open the pumpkin at home, she discovers the fruit is filled with jewelry. Bawang Merah an

d their mother get jealous and want their own pumpkin filled with jewelry, so they go to the river and deliberately lose their scarves. Then they visit the old woman’s house and ask for a pumpkin. They bring home the big one (of course), but instead of jewelry, their large pumpkin is filled with snakes. (courtesy of the Jakarta Globe)