AICEF Awards 15 Travel Research Grants

Since 2019, the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce has been administering the AICEF (American Indonesian Cultural and Educational Foundation. A separate entity, AICEF has been supporting Indonesian students studying at US universities for PhD degrees since 1975. Many are mid career instructors at Indonesian state universities and have tuition funding from Fulbright or the Indonesian government (LPDP). AICEF Travel Research grants do something Fulbright does not do: fund dissertation research. For 2021, 15 Indonesian students from the University of Washington, University of Pittsburgh, Columbia University, Northwestern University, Oregon State University, and the Georgia State University, Northern Illinois University, University of Rochester, University of Maine, and SUNY Binghampton will be doing field research in Indonesia in fields such as wildlife ecology, political science, medical curriculum, nursing, film, architecture history, musicology, sociology, anthropology, and international studies. For more information contact AICEF’s website is