Wear Sarong To Work

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo thinks you should and now he wants Indonesians to wear the traditional unisex tubular skirt at l

President Jokowi

east once a month, not just at home, but at work. Since 2010 the Indonesian government has already required staff in government offices to wear some form of batik, helping to make the ornately printed cloth cool again. Jokowi said the sarong is a significant element of Indonesian culture and that wearing it will be a sign of appreciation for sarong craftsmen. He hopes soon Indonesians will wear sarong on a specific date every month.

“This [sarong] is a cultural heritage that no other country has. Let’s wear sarong on a specific date every month,” Jokowi said at the 2019 Indonesian Sarong Festival on Sunday. (Jakarta Globe)