Indonesian Choir Takes Top Honors

For the first time in the European Grand Prix for Choir Singing’s 30-year history, an Indonesian choir has emerged victorious. Resonanz Children Choir won the grand final of the prestigious competition in Maribor, Slovenia, on April 21, beating stiff competition from all over the world. Founded in 2007 Resonanz has already tasted success before, winning the “Choir of the World” title at the 2013 Hong Kong International Youth and Children’s Choir Competition.




Hijab Fest -Very Chic !

Visitors to Indonesia during the last two decades have remarked that they are seeing more women wearing Islamic head scarves. What many Indonesians say is that while many are doing this for religious reasons, many are also just following a fashion trend. This week Indonesia Hijabfest 2018 is being held Bandung, West Java, on May 2-5. “Indonesia Hijafest is an annual event that was started in Bandung in 2012,” Sheena Krisnawati, founder of Indonesia Hijabfest, said during a press conference in Jakarta on Friday (27/04). “At that time, I had just started wearing hijabs, but I wanted to remain looking modern and fashionable,” she said. “Then, I actively searched for stylish products to accommodate my needs. In my search, I discovered many creative products by local entrepreneurs that are actually very good and affordable. A brief visit to attend the Halal Expo in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2011 opened her eyes to the immense opportunities of the modern Muslim fashion industry.

“[Turkey] is a conservative country, but their hijab styles are very chic and forward, just like the Europeans,” Sheena said. “I believe we, in Indonesia, can do much more. We have immense talents and resources to produce creative products in modest wear and Syar’i fashion, and thus, we can also boost the country’s economy.”